Who Am I, Really? Y.A. Picker

The Who are slamming out Who Are You

This week was a flight from Denver to Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Rented a truck and did the work thing with old friends of mine down in Pittsburg, KS. Excellent time, as always. Flew home Thursday. Head out to Ontario, California next Monday. Somewhere else the following week, Houston I think. My calendar will let me know. I work for myself; my clients are select but abide in all four corners of the USA and beyond. I bring my meager skills to them. Work is work though. Everyone does it. I don’t dwell on it. My mind is on my next little big adventure.

The first little big adventure actually began over 67 years ago in Richmond, Virginia, USA and has been the singular constant in my life ever since then. I have worked and played hard and have never turned down the chance to head out on the next little big adventure. If the road is crooked, I’ll be there. I have been and continue to be the lucky one. Music and pictures and words (mine and other’s) are my constant companion in my head. I prefer solitude over crowds. From my perch above the northern end of Horsetooth Reservoir, Bellvue, Colorado, I can catch the sunrise and the sunset. My needs otherwise are pretty simple. My old box guitar is a 1985 Yairi Alvarez, purchased new. I’ve written a few books solo and in conjunction with my oldest friend and partner in crime William House (aka Rand Solar). My nom de plume is, of course, Y.A. Picker.

Sharing my story would be a yawner for you in reality. I’m very private so you’d know nothing about me in the end anyway. I am also a simple guy. I try to live by a simple principle: Treat folks like you want to be treated. You may catch a glimpse of me fading off toward the hinterlands with a few of the opening words from my book first book Beer For Breakfast, as follows:

“There are approximately 100,000,000,000 discovered galaxies in what is the observable universe. If this does not obliterate your massively overrated sense of self-worth then nothing will. Yes, you are essentially an infinitesimally tiny fleck of intergalactic flotsam fleetingly flitting across an infinite spread here for only the briefest portion of an instant in time. Act like it matters.”

My art and writing are published on Medium as well on the ArcheanWeb and ArcheanArt platforms. Longer-term writing projects include a number of books published with William House (aka Rand Soler). The Sapience Threshold is our latest effort. Also be sure to pick up your copies of our other novels including Beer For Breakfast, Golden Seeds, Strings of Life, Hach and more.

Who am I really? Y.A. Picker. I’ll leave ya’ll with a recent sunrise brought to you via my iPhone 13 Pro. Cheers ya’ll!



Christopher Lovelace @ChristopherLovelace

Guitar picker, fisherman, picture taker, author, independent, semi-scientist, nar do well, EH&S pro.